This project aims to build a transmedia narrative through a set of tools that engage people to create meaningful content, which interacts and amplifys the Primavera Sound imaginary.

Unique location, unique colors.
Being aware where the festival takes place and its sorroundings, makes the filters special for each occasion. To create color grading for PS, we have taken in account the different light situations during the lapse of the festival and the colors associated with it.

A set of four different filters with a similar aesthetic, inspired and made in order to be reliable in every moment and space of the festival. They can not only be applied to the phone camera, but to edit photography and video.

Other applications
In order o generate engagement we proposed a game that tells you what artist within the line-up do you look like. Also changing the background opens a new world of possibilities for the photo-call. You can be with the artist, at the stage, or become part of the new promotional poster of the festival.

coded and designed by Jordi Basora // work in progress // 2020